The Frank & Dvorak O.H.G, short FFD, was founded in 1948 by Mr. Ing. Franz Frank and Mr. Karl Dvorak in a cellar building in Vienna 11, Lorystraße 74.

Originally designed as a repair shop for electric motors and transformers, FFD has quickly become an electric motor manufacturer. When the production site in Vienna became too small, they looked for a new production site and finally found what they were looking for in Pöttsching.

In 1965, the operation was started in Pöttsching and the work was completed in several stages until 1970. From this time on the complete production of the electric motors took place in Pöttsching.
At that time, Frank and Dvorak had

  • a research and development department
  • tool making for the production of the required cutting-, drawing- and casting-tools
  • foundry and stamping
  • department of mechanical processing
  • winding department
  • assembly
  • repair department